Monday, 21 November 2016

Market day reflection

Yellow hat.

For prep my mum marisha came in to help with the last day and Debby Logan's mum came in to help with our to but when we were all set and ready to go she went and helped Logan's group they were right next to us but we did get the second most money in the class we got Taonga from Rosie and we panted them and they costed 50c for all of not 50c for one but for all of them.

Black hat.

I found hard or challenging keeping track of the money because two people gave us 20 dollar notes and I thought we did not have enough money to give them but we did we just had enough but then heaps of people were coming with two dollars.

Blue hat.

Next time I can work with my team mates better because I was treating them bad and then I got working with them better but they were gone for ever when they were buying things so my mum and I worked very hard.

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