Sunday, 18 September 2016

Buddy Olympic art

Walt: make a collage with paper cuts with our buddy's

Description: In class we have been makings Olympic mottos with our buddy's my buddy and I made a archer with green and black.

Evaluation: I think I did good because I did it with my buddy but I did have a lot help from Nikau but we did all the work my little buddy did not help with anything 

Feedback: I think it is very colourful and detailed.
Feedforward: Next time you could use white instead of black to make it a little better.


Sunday, 4 September 2016

mexico prsentation

Cook food from the country we are researching.

Description: We cooked corn fritters and cinnamon cookies, the recipes were from mexico. We made the corn fritters in a fry pan we had help from Emma (Jai's mum) and Gina (Jamie's mum). The mum who helped make the corn fritters was Emma. The mum who helped make the cinnamon cookies was Gina.

Evaluation: i think i did good because the food was not burnt and everybody in class liked it and my mum liked it.

Feedback: I think you have done a good job with making the slides about your country

Feedforward: I think you have found information well online, but you need to work more on putting information into your own words


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Seed to table

Walt: Cook food from the country we are researching.

Description: We cooked corn fritters for the main and cinnamon cookies for the desert we used a electric fri pan so we can make the fritters and the girls did the cinnamon cookies and the boys did the fritters.

Evaluation: I think we did good because everyone in class liked the food from Mexico and my mum liked the food is well because I took some home from the day in a container so my mum could try it.

Feedback: I like your card.
Feedforward: Maybe you should double check your description.