Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sports start

You Walt: be active

Description: in sport start we have been playing a game what we had to do is we had to hit the ball and then run to the other spot and get a point but if we run 2 more times then we have to get back to the spot we hit the ball from.

Evaluation: I think I did good at hitting the ball because it went to the playground but I only got 4 points I could of got more but I choose to get for

Feedback: Nice work it's grate 
Feedfoward: Maybe crop the photo to gave it a little something other than that nice job. 

Thinking Skills
Make good choices about how far to run
Decides tactics and strategies as a batter
Solves problems during the game

Communication Skills
Discusses fielding tactics
Discusses batting tactics
Describing what they need to do to improve

Movement Skills
Stands side on to hit the ball
Moves in line with the ball before striking it
Chases and stops the ball quickly
Throws the ball accurately and with control

Monday, 27 June 2016

Book in Maori

Walt: make a book of food in Maori

Description: in class we have been learning to find what the Maori food is but it has to be a sentence and we have to find the food so we can teach people who don't know how to speak Maori.

Evaluation: I think I did good on my slides but I might of put more on it but I could not because it did not let me put anymore on my slides.

Feedback: I think you have got a really good job at this.
Feedforward: next time you could work with someone else to have extra work and make it more complicated.


Walt: In Japanese we have been making our names in Japanese.

Description: in Japanese we have been make our names and other stuff in Japanese but we have been talking about IPU for the things we have been Learning with Kelly but we also have been learning a song I don't know what the song is called.

Evaluation: I think I did good at the song but I did not do good at making my own name but I did make it so I did it.




Monday, 20 June 2016

Math 2016

Walt: We are trying to find the area for shapes.

Description: In class we have been doing shapes and finding the area of the shapes so we can remember them.

Evaluation: I think I did good but I need to take more clear photos so you can see them a bit more

Feedback: It looks good and there is no mistakes.

Feedfoward: you could have witen a little more and make the photos more clear.


Sunday, 19 June 2016


Walt: handwrit

Description: In class we have been handwriting sometimes but we don't do it every day we do it once a week.

Evaluation: I think I did good but I need to make my words spaced out because I have them to close to the other on.