Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Is El rancho a safe and friendly place for your family

WALT: write persuasive argument.

Introduction. Is el rancho a safe and friendly environment for you and your family.  Some people say that el rancho is a safe place to camp but on the other hand. I disagree that el rancho is a safe place.

Point 1: first of all ther are guns and bows and arrows what if someone shoots ther self what if they shoot someone of course they are dangerous.

Point 2: Some of the chefs are mean they don't respect you. I went to go get a second plate of dinner but they said no you can't have that so I told a teacher they said take one.

Point 3: In the cabins ther are writing on the bunks it said on my bunk you will die here. It said on qwade's bunk it said you will die by a spider tonight.

Conclusion: they have guns and bows and the chef are mean the bunks in the cabins are creepy they have writing on them. In one of the cabin I says on the wall put your finger in the hole and you will get trapped their forever.

Description: In class we have been working on camp writing. This is my points why you shouldn't go to El rancho it is dangerous would you like your kid to have a gun or a bow and arrow.

Evaluation: I think I did good on my description but I need to make it longer and not rush because I seen a lot of mastacks because of my corrector.

Feedback: Your writing is set out good and I think you got green.
Jayden.bk 👾
Feedfoward: every thing is fine.

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