Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Is El rancho a safe and friendly place for your family

WALT: write persuasive argument.

Introduction. Is el rancho a safe and friendly environment for you and your family.  Some people say that el rancho is a safe place to camp but on the other hand. I disagree that el rancho is a safe place.

Point 1: first of all ther are guns and bows and arrows what if someone shoots ther self what if they shoot someone of course they are dangerous.

Point 2: Some of the chefs are mean they don't respect you. I went to go get a second plate of dinner but they said no you can't have that so I told a teacher they said take one.

Point 3: In the cabins ther are writing on the bunks it said on my bunk you will die here. It said on qwade's bunk it said you will die by a spider tonight.

Conclusion: they have guns and bows and the chef are mean the bunks in the cabins are creepy they have writing on them. In one of the cabin I says on the wall put your finger in the hole and you will get trapped their forever.

Description: In class we have been working on camp writing. This is my points why you shouldn't go to El rancho it is dangerous would you like your kid to have a gun or a bow and arrow.

Evaluation: I think I did good on my description but I need to make it longer and not rush because I seen a lot of mastacks because of my corrector.

Feedback: Your writing is set out good and I think you got green.
Jayden.bk šŸ‘¾
Feedfoward: every thing is fine.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Geometry passport

WALT: position and orientation.

Description: In class we have been working on a passport instead of doing must do and can do zyd and I have been doing the practice games so then we could do the tasks we were doing a task with Rosie about scale maps of the class I didn't get to finish it with my buddy caid.

Evaluation. I think I did good at all my work but I don't have any photos. I think I can work on my description because it is a bit sort and next time I might make it a bit longer.

Feedback: you did good evaluation on your self
Feedforward: maybe try and get some more photos on this post

We have been learning about angles here are some of the angles.  45(o)half of a quarter turn 90(o)  quarter turn135(o) 3 8th turn  180(o) half turn  225(o)5 8th turn  270(o)6 8th turn  315(o)7 8th turn    360(o) full turn

Every meter was 3 centermeters on my scale

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Two stars and a wish

WALT: we are doing a two stars and a wish in ore class.

Description: we have to do a two stars and a wish in our class every Friday and we have to do two things that we did good in class and something that we need to work on in class.

Okātia retold by tawhirimatea.

WALT: we are learning to retell the story of Okātia in our own words.

Description: we did a story of Okātia on a docs tui made it but she shared it to me quentin grace zyd and quiana and we made the story but grace and quentin wanted the edit all the story's and he did me and zyd's.

Evaluation: I think I did good but I did the same word over and over again so that is why quentin editied mine and zyd's first.

Feedback: I think you did very well with it but I think you could of don more writing so I give you a yellow 

Feedfoward: you need to make your sentences smaller 

Retold by Quentin Durston and Tui Joseph.

Many, many centuries ago, when technology wasn't even thought of, there was  an enormous, muscular, mighty totara tree. It was tougher than any other tree that ever lived! In it lived a spirit! His name was Okātia. One day the birds told him something about Moana. He also heard that Moana was bigger than him! He was furious and full of anger! He tugged his roots out of the ground, and he started stomping like a giant dinosaur crushing the trees with his giant roots!

Retold by  Grace Berkeley And Quiana Rastrick 

Okātia was tumbling and turning through the forest with rage. The ground shook with power. Okātia demolished the trees as his roots went past. Tāne was enraged, his children were being crushed! Okātia felt even more angry. he didn't want anyone or anything bigger than him! He said that he was the best out of everything! The sea called Okātia and he got more and more determined to get there! The ground shook with lots of power! He started carving the gorge by crushing and destroying the great wall of rock!

Retold by Memphis Winterburn and Zyd E.

When Okātia got through the gorge he found Foxton beach. He was sinking very very fast like he was in quicksand. He didn't like it! Soon he ran into the water and he was drowning in the water as fast as a ferrari on a race track. He was coming a part of the sea. He tasted salt water and it was the most disgusting water he had ever tasted. Okātia was being dragged out into the sea! In a minute or two Okātia was gone far out in the sea and was never seen again.