Monday, 7 September 2015


Description:in writing we have been doing a piece of writing I choose to do a poem about King Kong.

My writing.

poem about king kong

King Kong kills
rips shreds and tears mouths
rips mouths apart viciously
dramatically breaks rocks
climbs big buildings madly
King Kong Quickly runs away
King Kong lives in the evil jungle  
The jungle has giant spiders and cockroaches.

Big idea: we have been learning how to write a poem a interview and something else. I choose a poem because I like poems. 

Feedback: I think you did good because you put lots of detail in your poem. Brennan.

Feedfowrd: Next time you could make it longer because it would make it more interesting. Brennan.

Evaluation: I think I can get better at staying on task because I don't get my posts done on time 

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  1. I am really glad that you managed to put your ideas into a poem. You have thought carefully about the words you have used to make your writing more effective. Remember to include what your learning goal is, this term you have been working on adverbs, and you have done a good job carefully selecting adverbs to go into your poem.