Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Production 2015

Description: Every Friday we do things for production which is wearable arts. My group I am in is elements with Troy and my element is fire. Our overall theme for production is life. There is fire, water, nature and wind. Production is happening in Week 10 this term.


Big idea. I think I did good at my helmet and my body plate but it toke my a wile to make both of them.

Feedback:I like how u have a good Description and it is very deataild 

Feedforward:next time I think u put your evaluation in your big idea.

Evaluation: I think I can do my post a little more faster than I thought it would take.

1 comment:

  1. Memphis the fact that this empty post is all you have to show for 6 weeks work shows the lack of effort that you put into production. Its a little bit heart-breaking for me given that I have spent so much time helping you and you can't even do this post to share your work :(