Thursday, 27 August 2015

My art

Description: every Thursday we do drama or pop art I choose pop art. pop art is a type of art. It  is based onpopular culture and using contrasting colours. Pop art was first done in the 1950's and it is vivid and eye catching. Artists are any Warhol and a piece of art is Campbell's soup.

Big idea: I choose to do an iPod because I like playing on mine at home and listening to music. I used a ruler to do the lines and then I made the apple but I first I painted it after I did the pencil. I used bright colours and contrasting colours.

Feedback feedforward i like the colours on your art and different kind of paint maybe you should add more stuff to it to make it look like a iPod.kiana

Evaluation I think I did really well because I did a good job on the first Apple I did. On the other ones it was really hard to do it because I couldn't do it as well as the first one.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reading portfolio post

Description: in reading I have been learning about perfect picture. We have to read this tic tac toe how to do what we want to do I picked perfect picture because we have to do 20 questions about a ball house.

Can it fly.  
Can it roll. 
Can it transform. 
What is it.
Where is it.
What is it for.
Is it a bedroom.
How do you get changed with out people seeing you.
Why would you use it.
Is it in a forest.
Who could live in it.
Where is the bathroom.
What should be in it.
When can you see it. 
Why might you go in it.
Where should it go.
Who will go in it.
How will you find it.
Can it poo.
When would you go in it.

Big idea: I learnt how to do 20 questions from a picture and stay on task.

Feedback:I think you need to do stuff more unrealistic and fun. I found it a bit boring.

Feedforward:next time you could try and do more.#jett

Evaluation: I think I can get it better and do more questions about the picture.