Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Math portfolio

Description: we have been learning about how to write two amounts that have sums more or less or a difference between and more.

Have a sum more than $550
The tent and the head gear make over 550 dollars.

Have a sum less than $250
The sihoes and the bag are less than 250 dollars

Have a difference between $40 and $60
The two balls make $53 I know that it is $53 because 30+20=50 2+1=3

Have a difference more than $120
The shirt and the $21 ball is $130 because $110+20=$130+9+1=10=140

Big idea: my strategy I used was showing the answer by pluses.

Feedback: I liked the way that showed the question's.

Feedforward: I think you need to work on your description.

Evaluation: I think that I can get faster at doing my post.

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