Sunday, 22 March 2015

Position and Orientation (Geometry with Eb)

Description: We have been learning about Position and Orientation with Eb. It is a part of our learning about Geometry at maths time.

WALT: give and follow directions using, left, right, up, down, North, South, East and West


1. What major landmarks can you see from the Plaza?
Subway,bus stop and McDonalds.
2. What is the closest landmark North-West from McDonalds?
Bus stop.
3. What direction is the Arena from United Video?
South west
4. After the doctors I turn right down Victoria Ave and turn right at the round about. I travel South-West until the main road. Turn left. Follow road and stop at the 3rd right turn.Travel South-West and stop at the bottom corner of the square. What am I doing?...

a) Going Shopping       
b) Getting a Sandwich at Subway       
c) Getting a library book       
d) Hiring a DVD

5. Create your own instructions for someone to follow using the language you have learned. 

From McDonalds turn left to your first up go up where do you end out.

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  1. I wonder if you could be a bit more detailed in your instructions in the last question you created. I am unsure if I stop at the plaza or subway?

    You have done a great job answering the rest of the questions. I think it would be a good idea that when you are next in town check if you can see around the corner or over buildings to the bus stop from the plaza?