Thursday, 26 February 2015

Swimming 2015

Description: For the next 5 weeks we are swimming 3 times a week. We want to set a smart goal so we are focused when we go swimming.

Second video.

My smart goal is to make my hand touch my ear when I am doing free style and touch my leg
First video.

Evaluation: I got on with my goal really good because I was touching my legs and I bring my arms up at the right time as the other one.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

ability to act

Description:  We have been making videos to show the ability to act and be self-managing for the way we act. My group was me, Hannah Bridget and Corton. We made it about someone getting stuck on cycle mountain and someone else trying to help her.  

Big Idea: Criteria: (Content)Video - 30 seconds long, time is limited.Scenario - Show someone being stuck and not using the ability to act.Clear Message - Short sharp clip. Can the watcher get the point of your video?Unique - Coming up with something funny that gets a laugh from others.Time Passing - Do you need to show time passing in your clip to emphasise your message.

Criteria: (Movie)Light - Make sure the sun isn’t creating a hard to see clip.Voice Volume - Needs to be louder than other background volume eg Noise, Kids.Frame - What’s in the frame to make your message obvious.Steady Hands - Make sure the camera is still.

Individual Clips - Don’t do one continuous shot of 30 seconds. Make a range of short clips and join together.

i thought that my movie was a good movie me Corton Bridget and Hannah did a good movie and a funny movie.


i think it was funny as well i thought at the end.
Get both people in the scean.

Maths 2015

in maths we are doing stage 4,5 and 6 in maths and i still need a little more practice on test 6 but here are my scores 
18 in stage 6 

Big idea: I am stage 6 in maths we are learning to get better soon so we are all stage 7 of maths. As we learn to get better at maths in are class we will be the best math people