Thursday, 24 July 2014

Te Reo

WALTuse Te Reo in a simple conversation.

Task: create a puppet pals animation to share your Te Reo learning.

Success Criteria
  • clear voice
  • saying the right words (makes sense) 
  • animation matches the words
  • trying our best pronunciation

I think
My learning partner thinks
I used a clear voice
I used a clear voice and I have a Croaky voice.
yes he has a very clear voice

I used the right words
I did use the right words because Qwade taught me.
I think so to
My animation matched my words
My animation kind of matched my words.
I think it didn't 
What did I find challenging? 
I found challenging the Maori words but Qwade taught me.
I think to
What did I like about…
I liked about my video that me Conner and Qwade used a clear voice
Me to

You and your group created a fantastic animation using Te Reo. You used the success criteria and made sure you used a clear voice and careful pronunciation so your audience could understand your message. I am pleased that you worked together as a group, supporting and learning from each other, what a great way to share your learning!