Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kinetic and Potential Energy

WALT: create an i-movie to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy 
 How will we know our movie is successful? 
ü clear camera work (thinking about the sun, keeping the camera still-moving slowly, in focus) 
ü clear voices and image (volume, wind, background noises, mumbling) 
ü clear message - might need to explain the images (text to match the words, is the science correct?) Reflective Prompts:
I now know that: i now know that Potential Energy to move because you have Potential Energy to move
I enjoyed: i enjoyed making the movie because i help doing the movie.
The most difficult was: the most difficult was when people got in are way because we didi't get enough time.
Working with my group was: working with my group was a bit hard because a deferent group got in are way.
You have used the slide as a model of kinetic and potential energy. Remember the ball has potential (stored) energy when it is at the top of the slide because you have done work on it. When the ball is rolling down the slide it has kinetic energy.

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