Sunday, 21 September 2014

Houses Inquiry

WALT: Gather information.
(Building)- Every Wednesday we have been learning about the inquiry process while finding out about different houses around the world. First we chose a question and then researched to find the answer to our question. Our question was ‘What are houses like in Egypt and why are they like this? Each group had to pick a country and inquiry into what their houses are like, present their findings in a Haiku Deck and then build their house in Minecraft.

Criteria Showing what you think and what your inquiry teacher thinks.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.14.00 pm.png

I think I am apprentice because I didn't get that much info coz i was mucking around...


1. What are you most proud of? I am most proud of doing team work and working as a team.

2. What did you find challenging? I found challenging working as a team because we weren't doing it together.

3.  My next ‘Get It’ goal is? My next get it goal is to get what i know.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


WALT: write to inform

Success Criteria
  • Create a clear image in the readers mind
  • Have a clear message (big idea)
  • Powerful words (precise, clear)
  • Reread writing and check for impact
I choose this piece to publish because...
I need to practise...
I am pleased about...

WALT: edit and publish our writing

Success Criteria
  • Use a font and colour that can be easily read
  • Must make sense
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Change at least 3 words to add impact for the reader

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Reading Blog post

We have been practising using the ‘Get it, Sort it, Use it’ inquiry method in our reading. You have all done a lot of reading about the commonwealth games as your get it.
Now it is time to sort it and use it. As part of your get it sort it you have used the before and after web and a KWL chart. To complete the sort it you need to think of 3 or 4 questions (and the answers) that are interesting to you.
Now it is use it time… you need to create a kahoot ( using your questions and answers from the sort it.

Task: use the ‘get it, sort it, use it’ model of inquiry to find out about the commonwealth games and share what we have learned.

WALT: use our prior knowledge to help us understand what we read.  (Get it)
WALT: Summarise what we read to help us understand what we read.   (Get it and Sort it)
WALT: use what we have learned from our reading. (Use it)

Success Criteria

10 questions

Only one correct answer per question
ü Clear questions (not ambiguous)
ü Image matches the question 
(username: Adventure92014, password: adventure92014)

Reflection Questions

I followed the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process by…

My next step when I use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process is…

The fun part of the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process was…
Memphis, you used your reading skills and strategies to find information to use in your kahoot. As a group we sorted the information into questions (and answers) and then to create a kahoot for the class try out. I enjoyed working with your group and watching your questioning skills develop. It was tricky to make sure there was only one answer to the questions!

Catch me if you Can

Catch Me If You Can

This term we have been learning to get free for a pass. We have practiced a dodge, a change of pass and using a change of direction to get away from a defender so we are free for a pass.

Task: Create a video to demonstrate your learning

Success Criteria:

· Use a good filming technique

· Think about your pass

· Name the move you are doing

· Clearly show the move

· Show a variety of moves

2 Stars and a wish

· use the 2 stars to think about 2 things you really liked and got better at during this terms catch me if you can

· use the wish to think about 1 thing that could be improved.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goal Fish

WALT: set SMART goals
Task: set a learning goal, a behaviour goal and an at home goal. Create a goal fish to display you goals.

Success Criteria
I can read my goals
My goals are specific
My goals are measurable 
My goals are important to me

Reflection Questions

I think
My learning partner thinks
I can read my 
i can read my goals because i used a clear font.

My goals are specific
my goals are specific because i can read my goals.

My goals are measurable
my goals are measurable because i can finish them.

My goals are important to me
my goals are important to me because they are good. 

Memphis, you have thought about goals that are important to you and are going to help you grow as a learner. You are working hard to climb up the basic facts ladder and must have nearly achieved that goal! I love that you have set a goal about knowing what you need to do and doing it...what is going to help you achieve this goal? (remember to ask me or other students so know what the ask is and how to achieve it!)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My adventure

In the morning we started packing. When we finished packing it took half an hour to put the suitcases into the car. We got on the road. Finally, we are on the way to the airport. Half way to the airport the tire went flat and there was no fuel in the car. We had spare fuel and we had a spare tire in the boot with the suitcases. We had to take out all the suitcases so we could get the tyre out from under the boot floor. It took ages to get all the suitcases out, and back in again!When we got to the airport we had to pay a lot of money for the plane tickets. Then we got into the plane. It took ages on the plane to get to Australia. I played Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride on my mum's phone. The time went fast.

I choose this piece to publish because... It was my best piece that I did.

I need to practice...  because i didn't do much

I am pleased writing because it was long.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Te Reo

WALTuse Te Reo in a simple conversation.

Task: create a puppet pals animation to share your Te Reo learning.

Success Criteria
  • clear voice
  • saying the right words (makes sense) 
  • animation matches the words
  • trying our best pronunciation

I think
My learning partner thinks
I used a clear voice
I used a clear voice and I have a Croaky voice.
yes he has a very clear voice

I used the right words
I did use the right words because Qwade taught me.
I think so to
My animation matched my words
My animation kind of matched my words.
I think it didn't 
What did I find challenging? 
I found challenging the Maori words but Qwade taught me.
I think to
What did I like about…
I liked about my video that me Conner and Qwade used a clear voice
Me to

You and your group created a fantastic animation using Te Reo. You used the success criteria and made sure you used a clear voice and careful pronunciation so your audience could understand your message. I am pleased that you worked together as a group, supporting and learning from each other, what a great way to share your learning!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Telling the time

WALT: share our learning about telling the time

Success Criteria:
  • text and some images
  • check we have the correct time
  • clear message (explanation)
 Blue Hat
What did I learn?
Black Hat
What did I find the most difficult?
Green Hat
What would I do differently if I could start my learning about time again?

Kinetic and Potential Energy

WALT: create an i-movie to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy 
 How will we know our movie is successful? 
ü clear camera work (thinking about the sun, keeping the camera still-moving slowly, in focus) 
ü clear voices and image (volume, wind, background noises, mumbling) 
ü clear message - might need to explain the images (text to match the words, is the science correct?) Reflective Prompts:
I now know that: i now know that Potential Energy to move because you have Potential Energy to move
I enjoyed: i enjoyed making the movie because i help doing the movie.
The most difficult was: the most difficult was when people got in are way because we didi't get enough time.
Working with my group was: working with my group was a bit hard because a deferent group got in are way.
You have used the slide as a model of kinetic and potential energy. Remember the ball has potential (stored) energy when it is at the top of the slide because you have done work on it. When the ball is rolling down the slide it has kinetic energy.

Haiku Deck

WALT: summarise what we read

Success Criteria:
Find the key word 
Record the main ideas
Retell what we have read

What have you learned ? (What) 

Why is it important? (So what)

How are you going to use what you have learned? (Now what?)

What is your next learning step (Now what?)

You can find the main ideas in what you read. You use these main ideas and the key words to create a summary. Memphis, you need to remember to read every night to help you practise your comprehension strategies so you better understand what you read.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


How do you feel about your integrity movie? 
I feel about my integrity 
What parts of it do you particularly like and why? 

What did/do you enjoy about this your integrity movie? 

You and your group have created a fantastic movie with a clear message. You have used the success criteria to make sure that have an example of integrity and you have explained what it means to show integrity. 
Remember to think about your learning. Use the reflection questions to help guide your thinking.

Monday, 26 May 2014

word cloud - find the key words

WALT: find the key words in what we are reading to help our understanding.
I discovered 
Most difficult 
Next step is to... 

Thursday, 10 April 2014


WALT: ask questions as we read to make sure we understand what we read.

 Remember we can question before we read…
What is this going to be about? What do I already know that will help me understand? what do I want to find out?
 We can question as we read… 
what does that mean? what is going to happen next? what else do I want to know?
 We can question after we read…
does that make sense? what have I learned? have I answered my earlier questions? what else do I want to know?
  • I learned to: get better at reading by asking questions before I start to read.
  • Most challenging was: when I have to find the information to answer my questions.
  • Next step is to: my next step is to read more so I get better at reading.
Memphis, you have though hard about your reading and what is going to help you. I agree that reading more, reading at home and reading all of the text we are reading in a group will help you. You know what you need to do and I am looking forward to next term as you develop as a reader!
You can use prediction and questioning before you read to help you to 'tune in' to your text. This helps to make sure you understand why you are redding.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

sharing our stories

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 9.20.12 PM.png

Sharing our Stories

We have been creating a variety of art pieces this term. These pieces are all about ourselves and sharing our stories. We have used different media like collage, watercolour, crayon and clay to create our art. We are beginning to make choices as artists. Each piece of art shares a little about us.

WALT: share our stories and ideas through art.
WALT: explore a variety of media and make choices about
how we want our finished piece to look

Success criteria: * our message is clear
* our art represents us
* we have tried different media
* we choose the media to create the
effect we want

I Think
My Buddy Thinks
my message is clear
my message is clear

my art represents me
my art represents me because my art is really good

I have tried different media
i have tried a different media

I choose media to create the effect I wanted
i choose a media to create the effect i wanted

my favourite media is… because
my favourite media is the water colour paint because the water colour paint is really fun

Memphis, I am pleased you are enjoying art and you have had a great time exploring the different media creating some very successful pieces. You are beginning to make choices as an artist and selecting the media you want to use to create the effect you want, like in your portrait.